terms and conditions

I am operating a strict terms and conditions policy


Domestic customers will be invoiced at the time of the repair and payment in full taken either via payment direct to my account via on line payment (in maximum 5 Days), as bank tranfare, cash or secured cheques.

for failed payments, I reserve the right then to charge interest ( the bank base rate will be used) on this amount .


Developers or Agents ,10 days maximum terms (Agents , we are servicing for the first time 5 working days) after 15 days (10 days) a late payment fee could be added to any invoice .

Any further unsatisfied payment will result in county court judgment

I reserve the right then to charge standard interest on any outstanding amount .


I only fit parts after I have had your approval, to do so, I never fit a part unless it is needed and approved by you. All of the parts I supply and fit have manufacturer guarantee for your piece of mind. From the date of repair ,this is not a rolling breakdown policy (if the same issue occurs within the legal manufacturer guarantee period I will replace the Part free of charge and guarantee it to the end of the original guarantee period ( first fitted date)only. This guarantee is in additional to your statutory rights.Guarantees only apply to breakdowns related to parts or repair supplied from Mario's Boiler Service and a cleared payment for this repair. Any boiler worked on, after my repair by another engineers for the suspected same issue will render the guarantee void .

It is our responsibility to supply you with goods that meet your consumer rights, if you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations, please contact us.

Please note also, that, if the repair done as an emergency, we will not give cancellation rights.


Callout fees for emergency repair work will be £85 ( this includes up to maximum 1 hour labour) carried out on Gledhill products from Mario's Boiler Service in the aria we normally cover ( up to 45 min drive from Fareham)


Outside this aria, i have to charge an extra fee to compensate for additional travel affords and fuel cost ( normally £1 for any extra / over 45 min travel distance/ road mile to get to your location and back , based from my office location PO156EZ) if not other arrangements made with Mario's Boiler Service.

the calculation will be based on the online route planner from TomTom.

Therefore, it is the responsebility of the customer, to provide the correct address and postcode at the time of arranging an emergency call out.


Parking is the responsibility of the customer to provide and if the engineer is required to pay for parking and , or toll charges, the cost will be added on to the customer invoice and charged at the corresponding amount.


For call outs requesting diagnostic and / or fault finding (on Gledhill products) only , a standard fee of £ 85 apply at my standard covered areas, payable from the Householder (landlord, tenant or other occupants) at the visit in cash or Banktranfair.( additional fees may apply out of my standard covered area ). This fee of £85 will be charged and invoiced regardless, if the repair work /service / improvements related to this diagnostic visit is carried out from Mario's Boiler Service.


All material and , or parts required for repair, maintenance or improvements to your Boiler will be supplied by Mario's Boiler Service. For warranty reasons, we're not carry out any work, or warranty any work with customer supplied material.


Any Quotation made by Mario's Boiler Service after site visits for diagnostic /fault finding are valued for maximum 10 working days, started from the date of a written quotation. Any quotation based on verbal or written information provided by customer via telephone, mobile-texting , fax or e-mail are only rough estimation and not engagingly and therefore invalidate the 10 working days valuation.


Cancellations of advanced booked appointments we would appreciate to be made as soon as possible but at latest 60 minutes before the appointment for the confirmed engineers visit / booking (before the engineer has dispatched).

It is our responsibility to supply you with goods that meet your consumer rights, if you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations, please contact us.

Please note that if the repairs are done as an emergency, we will not give cancellation rights.

Notice: All invoices will be sent automatically to your E Mail address (pdf format, readable on all Microsoft and Apple software operating PC's, Laptops and Smart phones !) for this purpose you have to provide a valued e-mail address , if not otherwise arranged with Mario's Boiler Service. Is the customer e - mail address invalued or not provided from customers, the invoice will be send automatically posted via royal mail. Re - applying for a invoice copy will not extend the original 5 working days payment request.

With the booking of my company for repair / service / diagnostic and/or fault finding you agree to this terms and conditions above !

Many thanks

Mario's Boiler Service